Just Call Julie

Can we all just take a minute and soak in the beauty of this website? Seriously, guys, I cannot get enough of it. An Adventure Story survived her surgery and came out better than I ever could’ve imagined. I mean, look at this layout, that header, those buttons! (Not to mention all the amazing “behind the scenes” stuff you can’t see.) She’s gorgeous – all thanks to Julie DeNeen, website wizard extraordinaire.

It’s a funny story that begins with an overestimation of my abilities. See, I’m terrible at manipulating technology but I’m pretty good at following directions so I thought I could move and redesign An Adventure Story with just YouTube and Google’s help. To make a long story short, I was very wrong. So I did a little research and contacted Julie via a frantic e-mail entitled “HELP!” to which she responded almost immediately.

It took her just one day to transfer everything from Blogger to WordPress (not an easy feat, as I discovered firsthand) and imagine my surprise when she updated the entire design in one hour using the shortest specification list in the history of specification lists: “I’m looking for something clean, simple, sleek, and professional.” To my tickled delight, she took those words, ran with them, and cranked out this phenomenal masterpiece.

Sometimes when people know a lot about something they can be condescending but Julie is so not like that. In fact, she’s the opposite – kind, warm, understanding, and most importantly, willing to teach. Instead of hoarding her knowledge like a possession, she shares it like the gift it is. Now tell me, readers, what’s better than that?

I’m all for doing things on your own, unless said things are shaving substantial years off your life. In that case, you should probably just surrender and call Julie. I promise you won’t regret it.


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