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Growing up, I played with baby dolls far longer than socially acceptable. When most of my friends were moving on to magazines and nail polish I was clinging to Nora, a raggedy old Cabbage Patch doll with no hair and mismatched shoes. I knew I’d eventually have to retire her to a cardboard box or plastic tub, where she’d be forced to wait several years until my own children brought her back into existence, but I never felt ready enough.

Savannah received her first doll on her first birthday and I’ll never forget the way she so gently patted its cotton back, a sweet and silent gesture I recognized instantly as motherly intuition. Two years later I saw it again when her little sister, Molly, cooed my Nora to sleep in one of Grandma’s miniature rocking chairs (it’s funny how things come full circle, isn’t it?). It was in them, as it is many of us, from the very beginning and something about that made and continues to make me overwhelmingly proud.

So when I came across these adorable custom handmade dolls on Sew Delightful’s Facebook page a few weeks ago I knew I had to order some for my two little mamas. They’re made to look like each of the girls – Savannah with her perpetual pigtails and Molly with her barely there blonde bob (and by bob, I of course mean mullet). SJ’s is rockin’ all blue because any other color would’ve resulted in a “but it’s not BLUE!” tantrum and MJ’s is clad in pink and gray because I love pink and gray almost as much as capitalizing on my youngest child’s inability to make decipherable requests.

Obviously, the girls LOVE them and haven’t put them down since they arrived a few days ago (just ask Savannah, who christened hers with a spoonful of spaghetti sauce last night because heaven forbid she leave it in the living room during supper), but I think the best way to convey the dolls’ charm is to shut up and let you visit Sew Delightful’s site for yourself.

Which I promise to do right after these totally unnecessary and highly self-indulgent pictures.


Sew Delightful Sew Delightful


  1. Tisha says

    Thank You Kara for your writing and the shout out! It was a joy to make these little loves for your girls!! I hope they bring them much joy & friendship! <3

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