Weekend Links #2

Merry Christmas, readers! Wishing you and your family all the things that make this time of year sweet and magical – friends, family, laughter, and booze.

1 // Speaking of booze, this is sold out everywhere because it’s seriously the best beer ever.

2 // These will be under our tree Friday morning because they’re a stellar alternative to toys. We already own two sets in the cow print (obviously) and they’re as functional as they are cute.

3 // Where was this when I was a kid? #deprived

4 // Because my “dress them in matching clothes” days are numbered, the girls will both be wearing this dress on Christmas Eve. It’s warm and adorable and perfect blackmail for when they’re teenagers.

5 // Have you seen this yet? Warm fuzzies abound.

6 // This has monopolized our TV for the past two weeks and I’m totally okay with it.

7 // This is my contribution to our annual white elephant gift exchange and because giving is overrated I really hope I end up with it.

What lovely little things are gracing your holiday season?

Weekend Links Christmas

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