Weekend Links #5

Happy Friday, readers! I hope your St. Patrick’s Day was swell. I spent mine at work proctoring Iowa Assessments because nothing says “holiday” like standardized testing.

Ah, well. Nothing a few weekend links can’t remedy.

1 // I bought these for the girls and they are AMAZING. Not only are they super cute, they’re also made entirely of plastic so cleaning is a breeze. Bonus: Molly can put them on all by herself, so no more pre-departure cattle wrangling for this mama!

2 // Geoff’s summer “honey do” list is officially underway, thanks to these fantastic ideas. One vertical garden coming right up!

3 // Speaking of patios, these will be gracing ours in no time.

4 // We’ve been discussing social class in To Kill a Mockingbird this week, so yesterday I showed my students this video. I’ve got a lot of visual learners so the Legos were a welcome alternative to notes.

5 // If you’re not friends with this handsome devil on Facebook, you’re missing out.

6 // Every year I compile all my blog posts into a book for each of my kiddos, and this is the site I use to do it. Someday they’ll thank me (maybe).

7 // This belongs in my closet.

8 // And while we’re at it, these too.

9 // Behold my latest Netflix obsession. The perfect blend of memoir and mildly cheesy acting.

10 // This little gem inspired me to write a similar letter to my own students, which they read with flushed cheeks and nervous smirks because OMG MY TEACHER KNOWS I’M AN ACTUAL REAL LIFE PERSON. Teenagers. They’re the best kind of weird.


Weekend Links

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