Weekend Links #6

I was going to tell you a good April Fools joke but then I remembered that I don’t know any good April Fools jokes, so you’ll just have to settle for some weekend links instead. Please forgive me.

1 // I’m digging these art prints, especially that bear rocking the flower crown.

2 // A few miles from our house is a guy who sells the BEST peaches, so you better believe I’ll be making this once summer rolls around.

3 // Speaking of summer, mine just isn’t complete without this.

4 // Sweet Jesus, this. I’ve caught Geoff doing the same thing with SJ and MJ on numerous occasions, and it absolutely melts my heart. When a little girl has enough of the good love, she never has to go searching for the bad kind.

5 // If I could recommend one site to any educator, it would be this one. My students call me the queen of TED Talks and there are few titles I wear more proudly.

6 // Salivation abounds.

7 // In my quest for cute and affordable summer attire, I seem to have developed an affinity for graphic t-shirts. This is one of my faves.

8 // Oh, permission to stop the glorification of busy, I’ve been waiting for you.

9 // I’m going to build one of these, crawl inside with a lifetime supply of Girl Scout cookies and red wine, and never ever leave. Care to join me?

10 // I don’t know who filmed me staring at a plate of cupcakes, but their sound effects are spot on.

Happy Friday, dudes!


Weekend Links

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