Weekend Links #7

I always feel like I’m cheating when I do weekend links. Like, do lists really count as full-blown blog posts? My inner critic says no but the stats say yes, so I guess they’re here to stay.

Now watch as I indulge accordingly.

1 // Just when I thought I couldn’t love Iowa (and Pam Beesly) anymore, this graces my Twitter feed.

2 // I haven’t bought new sneakers since my sophomore year of college (physical exertion of the sneaker type is not my specialty), but these guys were well worth the wait.

3 // This. All day, every day in the land of English II.

4 // How cute are these? I’ll be giving the wallpaper panel idea a whirl this summer because nothing feeds my ego like pretending I’m a skilled DIYer. Wish me luck.

5 // You’re welcome.

6 // Hi, my name is Kara and I’m obsessed with cows.

7 // Online shopping. It gets me every time.

8 // 1 messy house + 75 ungraded research papers = tasty procrastination

9 // I planted this a few days ago, and have big plans for it’s debut (starting with that lemonade).

10 // Have you seen this? Holy hilarious.

Have a great, zombie-less weekend, my friends!


Weekend Links

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