Weekend Links #8

How about a little (warning: nostalgia of the Topanga and Cory variety beyond this point) TGIF throwback to get these weekend links rolling?

1 // Speaking of nostalgia, yes to the wallpaper and NOPE to the carpet. Never in a million freaking years.

2 // Americans are weird (and sometimes mean).

3 // I’m not a huge fan of poetry (gasp!), but this owns every inch of my heart. (A preview, because I can’t bear the thought of someone passing this link up: And you, like me, will sit and shake your head. / In true life? Yes, my sweet, strong daughter, I’m afraid / there is all this as well, and this is it: true life.)

4 // Yum.

5 // This is currently en route to la casa de Overton (in case the TGIF tribute and skirted tables weren’t 1990 enough for you).

6 // So much awesomeness, so little willpower.

7 // I just added this to the winter project list because laundry sucks and those pattern letters do not.

(PS. Savannah’s turning 4 this weekend, which that makes me, like, 62.)

(PPS. Happy Friday.)


Weekend Links

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