Summer Capsule

First things first: This is not a fashion blog. It never has been and never will be because anyone who knows me will tell you I’m not a fashionista. (Once in college I dressed myself in yellow sweatpants, a yellow coat, and bright yellow sneakers and didn’t notice until I was already halfway to class. Fond memories, those walking banana days.) I do, however, harbor a growing affinity for simplicity, so when I stumbled upon this blog, Caroline’s capsule wardrobe spoke straight to my minimalistic heart.

Good lord, I thought. Less mess/money and more time? I have to try this!

So I did, and I thought you might want to know about it. If nothing else, maybe you’ll at least enjoy a peak into my “one step up from fruit but still light-years away from the catwalk” wardrobe. (Nothing is sacred. Not even closets. Also, have I mentioned self-indulgence is one of my many talents?)

A capsule is a small wardrobe made up of versatile mix and match pieces that’s updated every three months to fit the new season. For someone who hates fussing with clothes (I’d rather be digging in my garden or working on my novel), the idea of a modest closet – one that I only have to reassess four times a year – is a no-brainer. Here are the steps and the result!

Capsule Wardrobe


bow flats | ballet flats | yellow flats (similar)

nude heels (similar) | sneakers | ankle strap flats

neon sandals (similar) | nude flats | mustache loafers (sold out)


floral romper (similar) | tie dress (similar) | graphic tee | pocket tee | white vee

embroidered tank | chambray (sold out) | utility | cardigan | pineapple tank (sold out)

gauze top | neck tape tee | floral top (similar) | New York tee (sold out) | blue tank


wash short | workout short | high-waist jean (sold out) | mid-rise jean | skinny jean

coral short (sold out) | teal short (sold out)

black short (sold out) | khaki short | denim short


Ta-da! 35 (yep – two under!) pieces of minimalist perfection.

What I’ve learned:

  1. Closet purging is the bomb.
  2. There’s something deeply satisfying about knowing and honoring your style palette (I’m owning the neutral tones / floral prints / occasional splash of neon like the fashion boss I’m not.)
  3. My perceived lifestyle and actual lifestyle are not the same (revelation courtesy of the lifestyle pie chart in this capsule wardrobe planner!). While I’d like to think my summers consist mostly of weekend getaways and swanky pool parties, the truth is that I’m usually doing one of these three things from June to August: 1) messing around in the backyard, 2) running errands with the girls, and 3) spending low-key time with family and friends. Prior to this experiment, my clothes were simply not servicing my (very boring) real life.
  4. Living with intentionality can be extended to your wardrobe. Who knew?
  5. I’ve kept Target in business for the past five years. You’re welcome.

What do you think? Is this something you could use in your life or did I just waste ten irretrievable minutes of your time? (Wait. Don’t answer that.)


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