Documenting June: A(nother) List

In the twenty-minute process of staring at my computer screen trying to decide what to blog about I’ve concluded that contentment provides little fodder for over-thinking writers like myself, which makes me seriously question the intent of past posts. Were they sincere reflections or all just prettified complaints – rose-covered dirt heaps delivered straight to your digital doorstep? I’m hoping for the former but apologizing for the latter just in case.

Seriously though. These long easy days have turned my mental racket down to a merciful low and I’ve been too busy basking in the peace to even consider writing about it (an oversight for which I’m only partially sorry).

The truth is, June has had its share of everyday noteworthy moments – I’ve just been too content (ahem, lazy) to record them until now.

1 // Yesterday was Savannah’s first day of swimming lessons. She started crying halfway through and told me she never wanted to swim again, so I did what every good parent does and bribed her with a toy. (The bright side? Several of my students are her instructors and watching them work so hard to make her feel better melted my heart right into my flip-flops. Teenagers, man. So much mush under all that tough.)

2 // Eighty pairs of underwear and three bottles of detergent later, Molly is officially potty-trained! I could write a whole post on the experience, but I I’ll spare you the messy details. Let’s just say she made us work for it.

3 // Our garden’s been spitting out strawberries since May, and I picked the first green beans yesterday. Pretty soon we’ll have beets, carrots, broccoli, and potatoes too! Oh, how I love our little patch of dirt.

4 // My book is (sluggishly) progressing. Ah, well. Writing is writing, even the slow kind, right? … Right?

5 // This is the first summer neither of my kids are babies and it is GLORIOUS. I thought I’d be a little sad when they both outgrew the toddling stage but having two kids who can walk and talk and pee on their own is the straight up bomb. I always said I’d have twice as many kids if I could skip the needy stage and jump right to the part where they can put on their own shoes. (Blasphemous, I know.)

6 // I’m tan, you guys. Miracle of freaking miracles.

7 // We’ve been on the river twice and the kids keep asking when we’re going again. I’d like to think it’s because they love the water but something tells me it’s more about the skipped naps and limitless snacks.

8 // It’s only June and we’ve already made it up to Iowa City – sans kids. #win

9 // We went to the zoo this weekend, where the girls got to frequent public restrooms at their leisure and watch an ostrich defecate. It seems the key to enjoying trips with children is taking one’s expectations and chopping them down to a nub. Thank god for hotel pools.

10 // But then there was that time I woke up to this view three days in a row.

Ozark View

Not bad for four weeks into summer, if I do say so myself.



  1. Mom says

    I’ll make you a deal and take them babies during the “needy” stage and hand them back during the whining phase :) This Mimi LOVES baby snuggles!!

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