Weekend Links #9

Hey guys, remember these? Yeah, me neither. I’m feeling a little rusty in the weekend link department but we’re going to forge ahead like it hasn’t been two months since my last click happy post since I know you’re all dying for an update on my latest internet wanderings. Humor me. Please.

1 // While I haven’t been doing much blog writing this summer, I have been doing plenty of blog reading, and this little corner of the internet has been frequenting my screen often.

2 // Yes, please.

3 // I’ve been in serious need of some positive news coverage lately, and this site doesn’t disappoint. Suggestions for incorporating some of the articles into my fall curriculum?

4 // These. All summer long.

5 // This woman’s insightful sarcasm is rocking every inch of my maddeningly small summer world.

6 // Our grilling go-to. (Pro tip: Skip right to the spinach and bacon. You won’t regret it.)

7 // Throw a pretty little succulent in there and you’ve got yourself the beginnings of a hanging garden (or, if you prefer, my next birthday present).

Aaaand I’m stopping here because the dog is barking and the gremlins are stirring and my weekend link muscles are already getting sore (stamina is scarce after a six-week hiatus – forgive me?).

Happy 4th of July weekend to you and yours!


Weekend Links

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