“I have a question.”

It’s Molly’s new favorite phrase, followed by the usual onslaught of inquiries: “Can I have a drink? Where’s Ellie? Why’s Nana crying?” It’s annoyingly cute, the way she scrunches her face and demands an answer, oblivious to bigger concerns.

School starts tomorrow and in ten days Savannah will be a preschooler. A meticulously stocked princess backpack waits by the door and just yesterday I ordered her first set of soccer cleats. Heavier things, too, like family who’s moving and a grandma who’s sick and weather that seems to sense it all – pounding rain and air that’s beginning to smell like football.

Questions. I have them too, all unanswered.

In the meantime, we keep living.

SJ ColoringSisters

Molly1 // concentration

2 // looking more alike every day

3 // one pretty name and two growing feet


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