Getting Closer

Twenty weeks down. Four more to viability.

First, this: We are so, so, so thankful to have made it this far. Every precious kick, I am overcome with gratitude. Every encouraging call or text from one of you, I am overcome with gratitude. Every hopeful appointment with the incredible UI staff, I am overcome with gratitude. We are not entitled to healthy babies or supportive friends or superior health care – and yet, here we are. It’s too incredible for words, and we are abundantly thankful.

Now, this: Both babies got an A+ on their 20-week anatomy scan yesterday, which is big, BIG news! For those who don’t know, the 20-week scan is the apex of all scans – the one (this) mama stays up all night worrying about because doctors take a lengthy, in-depth look at all vital organs. This scan is extra stressful for people with pregnancies like ours because mo-mo twins are at a much higher risk for congenital defects (heart malformations, hydrocephaly, etc.). Add to that the increased nuchal fold growth from our first trimester and we’ve got ourselves a recipe for potential disaster.

Except it wasn’t, not at all. Instead, it was the sweetest, most humbling thing to see every bone, every muscle, every teeny tiny ventricle looking exactly as it was supposed to. And the icing on the cake? They’re measuring big! 14 ounces apiece at 20 weeks, earning them the coveted title of “overachievers” by one of their many awesome doctors.

I’m telling you guys, the gifts just keep coming.

And we are not taking a single one for granted.

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