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Eight months ago we bought a house and I resolved to take you on the renovation ride via blog. You didn’t know this because a week after moving, COVID hit, homeschool began, and a variation of this post sat unpublished in my drafts until now. Projects ensued (so many projects), and as I directed and Geoff demolished / built / appeased yours truly, my intent to document was eclipsed by peanut butter sandwiches and clay volcanos and what, pray tell, is more exciting than dried boogers?

Home interiors, by the smallest of margins. Thus, an attempted resurrection.

Geoff and I are no experts, but man, we really, really enjoy making our house a home, so this is me welcoming you into that home, where all but the sofa (moving splurge, no regrets) is born from the holy trinity of low-budget DIY – pixilated YouTube tutorials, wicked smart friends, and an impressive knack for overthinking and underperforming. We’ll call it a home series void of commitment contracts, because if anyone is lacking in the follow through department, it’s me.

pilot run: the mudroom

how it started mudroom

I was so dang happy to see this space when we first toured the house that the dated linoleum and half bath’s death-grip wallpaper (one of several time-sucking surprises – lucky devils, this duo) bothered me not. Even the oak trim, which I love / hate and could (will?) write a boring-to-everyone-but-me novella about, was livable in the way Lisa Frank and slap bracelets are still slightly tolerable (I’m looking at you, 90’s). After surviving a shoebox entry for ten years, seven of which included small children, I was just tickled to have a loading dock that functioned less as a staircase threshold and more as a, well, loading dock.

how it’s goingfullsizeoutput_2db3 fullsizeoutput_2db4

Originally, we had planned on keeping the linoleum and just painting the walls, but after discovering water issues in the half bath, we decided to rip up the floors and lay hexagon tile. My recommendation for anyone wanting to lay tile – go out and get yourself a Geoff. The man is a self-taught genius, and I am lucky to have him in my renovation corner. Once the tile was laid, we (he) threw up a single board of shiplap, added some Etsy coat hooks, and called it a day. Eventually, I’d love to add a beauty like this to the mix, but all in good budget-friendly time.

What do you think? Do you have a mudroom? What’s your inspiration / vibe?





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