Summer Capsule


First things first: This is not a fashion blog. It never has been and never will be because anyone who knows me will tell you I’m not a fashionista. (Once in college I dressed myself in yellow sweatpants, a yellow coat, and bright yellow sneakers and didn’t notice until I was already halfway to class. […]

Summer Syllabus


It seems my unrealistic anticipation of three “workless” months has arrived right on schedule, bearing with it the usual plethora of lofty summer goals. So many things to accomplish! So much sunshiny time to accomplish them! Somebody fetch me my magical unicorn so I can get started! Fellow teachers, you know what I mean. June, […]

Weekend Links #8

Weekend Links

How about a little (warning: nostalgia of the Topanga and Cory variety beyond this point) TGIF throwback to get these weekend links rolling? 1 // Speaking of nostalgia, yes to the wallpaper and NOPE to the carpet. Never in a million freaking years. 2 // Americans are weird (and sometimes mean). 3 // I’m not […]



It’s hard to know exactly when it started, but if I had to guess, I’d say high school. I suppose standards had been around long before then, but that was the first time I remember actually feeling the pressure to meet them. Seemingly overnight, the whole world was demanding progress. Neither they nor I knew […]