Hot Mess


Thoughts I had on my way to work this morning:   I should start drinking coffee. Don’t forget groceries after school. Molly’s nearly potty trained. I need another baby. Why is my scalp so itchy? Dear god, do I have lice? Mean people suck. No more mean people. Purge the poison. Our future home absolutely, […]

The Wait


And then, suddenly, it was winter. Heavy and gray, a cloud of cold smoke. This time of year and I have a love/hate relationship. I love the snow. Something about how it forces people to retreat to their homes and spend time with their families makes me feel giddy and nostalgic. Maybe it’s a control […]



What I Want To Do Go on vacation. Sleep. Buy all the things. Mute my brain. Mute my kids. Win the lottery. Eat cake. Read. Write. Eat more cake.   What I Have To Do Wipe butts. Stay awake. Think. Grade papers. Feign interest. Laundry. Repeat myself. Make money. Save money. More laundry.

Happy Hump Day

Pink Flowers

Sometimes when revisiting old journal entries I find myself taking perfectly relevant and impeccably timed advice from a younger version of myself – and sometimes the notion that her words could encourage others compels me to share.