I’m all for being nice. I think caring words and thoughtful actions are the bomb, rivaled only by unconditional love – the kind that extends to all people, not just a select few – and I firmly believe that everyone deserves to feel accepted and appreciated by those around them. Good is good, people. Good […]

Ready, Set, Jump

Summer 2015 List

Here I am again, standing on the abyss of inevitable change. I approach the deep chasm with apprehension, a timid traveler quietly anticipating what lurks below. I’ve been here before – the dirt is stamped with my many footprints – but somehow it looks new. Of course it does. It always does. Behind me lies […]

Weekend Rewind

Mental Health Day

Friday night Geoff had a soccer game in Centerville so we dubbed it a Girls’ Night, complete with manicures and princess movies. Savannah tried to capitalize on the liberal bedtime by suggesting we read “all the books until the sun comes up.” What can I say? The girl knows my weaknesses. We had beautiful weather […]

Daily Essentials

Molly & Ellie

Yesterday I stayed home with a sick baby. Poor Miss Molly spent the day alternating between sleeping away her fever and clinging to every inch of her exhausted mama. She wanted nothing to do with her usual interests – books? nope … Shrek? forget it … food? psh, yeah right – except, of course, for […]

I Am So Over It

Jump In

Yesterday at Target I bought matching pink shorts for the girls and a Yankee candle called “Summer Breeze.” I have an illness called I Need Spring Now and I’m saddened to report that it’s malignant (until April-ish anyway). Currently, I’m only able to treat the symptoms with premature purchases like those previously mentioned. The cold […]