Something Big

Something Big

I’m waiting for something big to happen. Every morning when I’m making the girls breakfast (why does SJ insist on only eating out of the pink Elsa bowl? I don’t have time to wash it again!), every afternoon when I’m grading papers (where the hell are the in-text citations? I told them to include in-text […]

Holiday Hangover

Grumpy Cat

The presents have been opened. The food has been eaten. The guests have come and gone. The holiday shenanigans, in all their festive glory, are over and I for one could not be happier. Don’t get me wrong, I love many things about Christmas, including the warm anticipation leading up to it and the thrilling […]

These Days


I’m feeling tragically uninspired these days. Maybe it’s the paralyzing, soul chilling, “I-can’t-feel-my-face” Midwestern winter (there’s snow here already, people … snow) or the never-ending chorus of echoing sniffles and rattling coughs. It could be that November has brought on a laughable surplus of unfinished lesson plans, leaving no time for the kind of writing […]

Party Time

Party Time

Preparing for a party sucks. All the planning … What are we celebrating? When will it be? Who will we invite? Where should we have it? Just figuring out the logistics is enough to make anyone’s head spin. Not to mention all the prep work … The house needs cleaned, the lawn needs mowed. I […]

Sarcasm. Or not.

You're Welcome

How many times a day does your hard work go unnoticed? How often are your efforts left unappreciated? Do you ever wonder why you bust your ass when no one seems to notice or care? Well, now you can finally do something about it. Let those people know just how valuable you are with a […]