A Eulogy of Sorts


So … I’m a glutton for murder shows (do I have your attention?). I could watch Dateline and Snapped every night of the week if I had the time. Something about the mystery intrigues me. The unsuspecting husband, the secretly bitter wife, the seemingly perfect marriage, and then – bam! – the surprise nobody saw […]

More Bang for Your Buck


All of this Veishea talk has got me thinking about college. For many, college is a time of bad decisions and regret. (Let’s hope the rioters, instilled with a little hindsight, possess those sentiments, anyway.) For others, it’s a time of friendship and personal growth. For me, it was a bittersweet mixture of both. Perhaps […]

The News Blues

News Blues

I’m tired of the news. I’m tired of political news, of entertainment news, of local news, of national news, of bad news. And most of it, of course, is bad. Most of it leaves me feeling sad, angry, disgusted, and helpless. I’m tired of reading about the government shutdown, of watching and hearing people complain […]