He lands on the petal with near-perfect grace, inherently understanding its fragility. The stem wobbles slightly under his weight and then stills. His patterned body, framed by the brilliant yellow of his new perch, remains steady as he carries out the tedious and noble work of his days. Moments later, having successfully collected his treasure, […]

A Moment of Silence


“Why isn’t she crying?” It was the first thing I asked when she was born, four terrified words shooting from my mouth like lead bullets. Exhaustion from seventeen hours of labor and an emergency C-section clouded my perception but the quiet, so cold and still, was as vivid as the spring lilacs blooming outside the […]

Mouths & Hearts


They huddle tightly together, five chapped frowns pursed against the burning cold. I try not to notice their tired faces and frail bodies, appeasing my discomfort with the flimsy assertion that dwelling benefits no one. They’re all in need of attention, for they’re entitled to at least that, but with five of them and only […]

It Begins

Summer Schedule

Barney and Baby Bop can push even the sanest person to their breaking point and that is the hashtag truth. Oh hi, summer. Stay-at-home-moms, I adore you and your endless supply of logic and patience. You’re rockin’ this full-time mom thing like it’s nobody’s business and I’m over here losing my mind because the mac […]

Busy & Bored

Busy & Bored

It’s late, at least by my standards, and Anthony Bourdain is guiding us through the bustling streets of the Vietnam countryside. I’m on the couch, legs folded beneath a throw blanket and fingers wrapped around a mug of hot tea. Geoff’s sprawled out next to me, crossed feet perched comfortably atop the coffee table fashioned […]