I Love My Kids. I Hate Their Toys.

No Toys

It’s happening. The blocks are strangling me and the coloring books are mocking me. I can’t bear to look at another stuffed animal or listen to another episode of “Dora.” If I have to read Corduroy or Tractor Mac one more time I’m going to die. Seriously. I’m going to forget how to breathe and […]

The Fallacy of “Me” Time


Lately I’ve been on a cooking kick. Last week I made bow tie pasta and fish tacos. This week it was salmon patties and shredded chicken wraps. (Most of the time I’m treading water, but sometimes, sometimes this Supermom delivers.) I never liked to cook until I had kids. Now that I have someone to […]

Summer Bliss

Kid & Sprinkler

Home with the little one. This is me now, all day, every day. If you’re expecting a lengthy description of how wonderful it is to spend every moment playing, laughing and learning with the sweet, precious angel I call my child, you are wrong. Although maybe somewhere in between what I am about to say […]

Blog Because


Here’s the deal, folks. Roughly ten months ago I added “mother” to my resume, right next to “wife” and “high school English teacher.” At 9:48 AM on May 1st, I fell in love with a beautiful, ambitious, intelligent little ball of vigor named Savannah Joy. She’s my sunshine, my world, my little pioneer, and I […]