To Other Bloggers

To Other Bloggers

Blogging is a paradox. It’s a diary, only public. An attempt to stand out that inevitably results in fitting in. A removal from yourself that unavoidably connects you to others. An outstretched hand that, after countless hours of tap-tap-tapping on the keyboard, necessarily delves inward. It’s trying to find yourself through words only to discover […]

Sun Out, Shades On


Recently I told a coworker that I have a blog. I don’t normally do this, as the thought of colleagues finding out about the wild, messy storm in my brain scares me. However, a few days ago I shared the news because the topic came up and because, as you know, I’m working on meshing […]

My First Interview(ish)


So I have this friend, Jac, over at who tagged me to answer a series of questions about myself. She’s an amazing writer with a serious talent for unveiling the realities of motherhood in an honest, unapologetic way. Plus, she said some pretty awesome things about me on her blog so the least I […]

One Part of Many


It was a cold, gray Midwestern February. I couldn’t decide if the frozen trees and ashen sky were expressing their indifference towards my mood or mocking it. Savannah was turning one in May and it had been a long year. I had not adjusted well to becoming a mother. Four months after she was born […]

Today I Wanted to Write

Living Life

Today I wanted to write about one of my best friends. She’s getting married Saturday and I wanted to talk about what makes her so awesome. Her selflessness, for example, and her contagious spirit. But then the dishwasher broke so I spent the first half of nap time doing dishes by hand. (I know, I […]