I Am Two People


Yesterday a coworker asked for the link to this blog. She’d read an entry that I posted on Facebook a few weeks ago and wanted to check out the rest of my writing. Of course I was flattered; who wouldn’t be? But I was also nervous. Because I am two different people and those two […]

A Year And Counting


  Well, folks, it’s been a year. One year of writing, reflecting, and sharing – one full year of blogging! Allow me to gloat for a moment, would you? Sticking to anything for 365 days is an accomplishment, especially when you have a million excuses to quit. And, trust me, I had a million. Of […]

Blog Because


Here’s the deal, folks. Roughly ten months ago I added “mother” to my resume, right next to “wife” and “high school English teacher.” At 9:48 AM on May 1st, I fell in love with a beautiful, ambitious, intelligent little ball of vigor named Savannah Joy. She’s my sunshine, my world, my little pioneer, and I […]