Christmas List (!)


Confession time. One of my favorite pre-Christmas rituals is stalking every blog known to mankind in search of the ultimate gift guide. The time I waste peeking into other people’s virtual shopping bags from mid-November until December 25th is downright embarrassing but I CANNOT STOP. It’s a compulsive addiction, which is why I’m about to […]

My Sister Story


My sister story begins with the darkest of emotions. Echoes of grief are all that’s left of what could’ve been and even now, thirty years later, their somber song lingers. I’ve never met her and yet, in so many ways, I know her better than I know myself. How can I not? She’s in my […]


Dream Catcher

I’m building a castle out of blocks for the second time today, praying for a few minutes of silence. But in my head I’m publishing novels. The world is in love with my characters and blown away by my plotlines. I’m gaining a readership, a fan base – a spot in Oprah’s book club. I’m […]