Still Here


A week after my miscarriage, my best friend arrived at my door, gift bag in hand. Muffled knocks filtered through layers of blankets – three soft raps, gentle and unpretentious. I wanted to meet them, to open the door and my bleeding heart to the person standing there, but I was pinned to my bed […]

Better Than Before

Girls Night Out

This weekend I went to Des Moines for a girls’ trip, a rare phenomenon, as I haven’t been on an overnight getaway sans kids since – oh, I don’t know … 2012 maybe? And boy, had I forgotten how one tiny break in routine makes me feel all the feelings. First, my best frenemy – […]

Have You Ever?


Have You Ever? (also called Never Ever) is a humorously revealing game that generally results in obscene confessions and debilitating hangovers. It involves admitting embarrassing secrets in a room full of equally guilty comrades, and it’s fun. Lots of fun. More importantly, it’s educational. One learns more about their friends from a productive game of […]