Christmas List (!)


Confession time. One of my favorite pre-Christmas rituals is stalking every blog known to mankind in search of the ultimate gift guide. The time I waste peeking into other people’s virtual shopping bags from mid-November until December 25th is downright embarrassing but I CANNOT STOP. It’s a compulsive addiction, which is why I’m about to […]


Keep Exploring

I’ve been mentally refining a metaphor-in-progress for days now, sifting for diamonds in the sand, and as I stand in the shower, hot water washing away the excess, my word hunt gives way to larger pursuits. Visions of a master’s degree in creative writing and hard-sought national publication light up my brain like fireworks in […]



My nametags boast various titles. They are simple words scrawled on square stickers, bold letters floating in a sea of white. On some, the corners are curled – perfect coils showcasing years of wear. Others gleam with stark newness, blindingly untouched. I wear them like the medals they are – silent proof that I was […]

The Space Between


“I know what you’re thinking. How does some fictional kid swimming through an underwater tunnel apply to me? Why should I care?” Quiet mouths, slightly nodding heads. Yes. Why? Inside, papers shuffle. Outside, traffic hums. I stand somewhere in the middle, in the vulnerable space between books and reality. My job is to connect them, […]