Culinary Confession

Sneaky Veggies

I’m not a chef. I’m just a mother standing in front of her two-year-old asking her to eat something other than cheerios and cheese sticks – being met with a predictably decisive “no.” It’s a common game around here and I’m almost always the loser. Broccoli? No. Avocados? No. Green beans? No. Anything that’s not […]

The Big Green Monster


With nothing to do during these blistering Midwestern blizzards but alternate between social media and Netflix reruns, I’ve recently found myself wallowing in a pathetic sea of envy. My computer and television screens do nothing but taunt me with images of wonderful, magical things that belong to other people. It’s stupid, I know, to let […]

I Am Two People


Yesterday a coworker asked for the link to this blog. She’d read an entry that I posted on Facebook a few weeks ago and wanted to check out the rest of my writing. Of course I was flattered; who wouldn’t be? But I was also nervous. Because I am two different people and those two […]

A Eulogy of Sorts


So … I’m a glutton for murder shows (do I have your attention?). I could watch Dateline and Snapped every night of the week if I had the time. Something about the mystery intrigues me. The unsuspecting husband, the secretly bitter wife, the seemingly perfect marriage, and then – bam! – the surprise nobody saw […]