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By the time he reached Union Station, his lids were heavy. The journey from Roanoke to Chicago had taken nearly a day and he’d been too nervous to sleep. Had his mind been lucid, he may have noticed the intricate curvature of the windows – may have even thought to stop and buy a postcard […]

“Achilles’ Heel”


They tested it on flowers first. Petunias, to be exact. A few sprinkles of the formula and researchers watched in awe as cold temperatures and water suppression did nothing to kill them. The magenta petals stayed open and vibrant, the stems strong and upright. The mice came next, and they survived too. Researchers stayed mum […]


Church Window

The straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m not sure where the phrase comes from, or even what it means, but as it rings through my ears, it feels wonderfully appropriate. So I repeat it, loudly at first, then softer and softer until I’m barely whispering into the piercing January wind, “This is the last […]



What is fear, besides a word? Born from a sprinkle of doubt, nurtured into something massive, bigger, more important, than it deserves. It is selfish, demanding time, precious, irretrievable moments that belong elsewhere – to love, to people. It finds the richest soil in insecurity, takes root and thrives. The weed’s presence is not welcome, […]