Still Here


A week after my miscarriage, my best friend arrived at my door, gift bag in hand. Muffled knocks filtered through layers of blankets – three soft raps, gentle and unpretentious. I wanted to meet them, to open the door and my bleeding heart to the person standing there, but I was pinned to my bed […]

Mouths & Hearts


They huddle tightly together, five chapped frowns pursed against the burning cold. I try not to notice their tired faces and frail bodies, appeasing my discomfort with the flimsy assertion that dwelling benefits no one. They’re all in need of attention, for they’re entitled to at least that, but with five of them and only […]

Better Than Before

Girls Night Out

This weekend I went to Des Moines for a girls’ trip, a rare phenomenon, as I haven’t been on an overnight getaway sans kids since – oh, I don’t know … 2012 maybe? And boy, had I forgotten how one tiny break in routine makes me feel all the feelings. First, my best frenemy – […]