Love & Lightning


I once read that the average person lives 27,375 days. On this day, he’s late. Out of all 27,375, he’s chosen this one to stay behind and grade papers while I wrangle and pacify our children. I don’t usually mind but today is Friday and no one stays late on Fridays. No one plans lessons […]

The Fallacy of “Me” Time


Lately I’ve been on a cooking kick. Last week I made bow tie pasta and fish tacos. This week it was salmon patties and shredded chicken wraps. (Most of the time I’m treading water, but sometimes, sometimes this Supermom delivers.) I never liked to cook until I had kids. Now that I have someone to […]


Dad of the Year

This morning I busted out the plethora of hair bows stashed away in Savannah’s sock drawer. Most of them have never been worn, a combination of my indifference towards all things girly and SJ’s refusal to have anything other than her spaghetti-coated hands touch her head. They’re cute though, don’t get me wrong, and although […]