Hello, Iowa

Iowa Corn

Outside my car window impeccable rows of infant sprouts fly by, splashes of emerald decorating soil canvases. Fragile beans peek from beneath muddy quilts as baby cornstalks reach for the cobalt sky, their mouths stretched open in lazy yawns. Good morning, little ones. I’ve missed you. I’ve lived in Iowa all my life but something about […]

Ready, Set, Jump

Summer 2015 List

Here I am again, standing on the abyss of inevitable change. I approach the deep chasm with apprehension, a timid traveler quietly anticipating what lurks below. I’ve been here before – the dirt is stamped with my many footprints – but somehow it looks new. Of course it does. It always does. Behind me lies […]

Oh No She Didn’t


I don’t usually write about controversial topics, partly because I hate confrontation but mostly because touchy subjects are so damn … touchy. There’s enough disagreement in the world to fuel a century’s worth of reality television so it certainly isn’t hurting for my trivial two cents. Which is why you should know that this post […]

Garden Karma


When I was a kid one of my chores was to water Mom’s garden, which would have been no big deal except that it was – or at least felt like – the size of a football field (an exaggeration, but only slightly). Tending to all the petunias and geraniums and potatoes and kale was […]