Tie-Dyed Chaos Splotched With Blemishes

Blemished Love

If I told you I didn’t like Valentine’s Day would you think I’m heartless? Because you might be right. My throat does this weird thing where it tightens up every time red and pink hearts assault my callous eyes. (Is that a gag? That’s probably a gag … that’s definitely a gag.) I can’t stand […]

Holiday Hangover

Grumpy Cat

The presents have been opened. The food has been eaten. The guests have come and gone. The holiday shenanigans, in all their festive glory, are over and I for one could not be happier. Don’t get me wrong, I love many things about Christmas, including the warm anticipation leading up to it and the thrilling […]

What Does Santa Want for Christmas?

Gingerbread House

There are many, many times throughout the course of a day that I throw my head in my hands and wonder what I’m doing wrong as a parent. Why has Savannah racked up a solid three tantrums before 10:00 AM? Is it because she wants attention? Is it because she’s getting too much attention? Is […]

Happy 2014

New Year

One year ago today I wrote my first journal entry in years. I did it without direction, knowing only that the new year was beginning and that I wanted, needed, 2013 to be different than 2012. This is what I wrote. Let me make one thing clear. 2012 was not a bad year; on May […]

I Can > I Can’t


Christmas is the best holiday. I think people who say otherwise are more concerned with being different than they are with being truthful. But, hey, tis the season for all things warm and fuzzy, so I’ll forgive them. Just this once. Despite the splendor that is Christmas, this holiday season, it’s no secret that there […]