Inside Stories


Savannah makes up bedtime stories about frogs that fly and horses that take picnics. She delivers them with innocent gusto and occasionally adds the following disclaimer: “These are just stories inside me.” I remind her that those are the best stories, better than all the Berenstain Bear books combined. *   *   * An inside […]



It’s an unassuming brick ranch sitting on a tiny corner lot. The kitchen’s hardly big enough for a table but there’s a modest vegetable garden in the backyard and homemade flower boxes decorating the drafty windows. I’ve despised the outdated bathroom since the day we moved in but it, like the others, echoes with memories […]

Hello, Iowa

Iowa Corn

Outside my car window impeccable rows of infant sprouts fly by, splashes of emerald decorating soil canvases. Fragile beans peek from beneath muddy quilts as baby cornstalks reach for the cobalt sky, their mouths stretched open in lazy yawns. Good morning, little ones. I’ve missed you. I’ve lived in Iowa all my life but something about […]