Fiction & Nonfiction


By the time he reached Union Station, his lids were heavy. The journey from Roanoke to Chicago had taken nearly a day and he’d been too nervous to sleep. Had his mind been lucid, he may have noticed the intricate curvature of the windows – may have even thought to stop and buy a postcard […]

The Space Between


“I know what you’re thinking. How does some fictional kid swimming through an underwater tunnel apply to me? Why should I care?” Quiet mouths, slightly nodding heads. Yes. Why? Inside, papers shuffle. Outside, traffic hums. I stand somewhere in the middle, in the vulnerable space between books and reality. My job is to connect them, […]



When I started blogging two years ago I had no idea what I was doing. (I still don’t, to be honest, I’ve just gotten better at pretending I do.) I didn’t even know how to create a blog, much less how to gain readership. Those of you who know me know technology makes my palms […]