Still Here


A week after my miscarriage, my best friend arrived at my door, gift bag in hand. Muffled knocks filtered through layers of blankets – three soft raps, gentle and unpretentious. I wanted to meet them, to open the door and my bleeding heart to the person standing there, but I was pinned to my bed […]

Work Friends


I’ve spent a lot of time at school in the past week – last Thursday and Friday I was there until 9:00 PM for superintendent interviews and Tuesday evening’s freshmen orientation didn’t get over until well past 8:00. I did my share of griping about the extra hours in the days preceding, but I have […]



Last week, on the third anniversary of this blog, one of my students caught me after class. Her bloodshot eyes misted as she told me, in hesitant, broken segments, of a course load she could no longer juggle, of a part-time job that was dominating her time and a home life that was heavy and […]



A new year has arrived, bearing its usual conglomeration of rosy resolutions. My Facebook feed is abuzz with hopeful goals and noble intentions – public promises to act better, do better, be better. Good riddance, 2015, and hello to a fresh start! Excited to forget the past and look forward to the future! This year […]