Broken Together


Alas, the insomnia is back. I could blame the raging hormones, physical discomfort, and crippling anxiety that accompany the third trimester of pregnancy, but the fact remains that no matter what I blame, the sleepless nights are going nowhere. At least not for another nine weeks. I’ve struggled with on and off insomnia since Savannah’s […]

Halloween’s Lure


Halloween is fascinating. While I’m a big fan of the candy (any Snickers in Savannah’s trick or treat bag will be lucky to survive past midnight) my favorite part is the costumes. Costumes – visible manifestation of our desire to be somebody else. A farm animal, a celebrity, a ghost, a pirate; the list is […]

Status Update

Light Bulb

A few nights ago Geoff and I watched the Oscar-winning movie “Lincoln.” We don’t watch many movies, and this blog certainly isn’t Rotten Tomatoes, but we do have opinions. He liked it, I didn’t. The movie was slow, the plotline full of political jargon, and watching it felt a lot like trying to get my […]