My Child, My Choice


Six seconds into my tweet, I realized the following sentiments far exceeded 140 characters. I don’t often chime in on controversial subjects but every so often I find myself with an opinion demanding a voice. This is one of those times. Consider yourself warned. Yesterday morning I read this article about doing away with hospital […]



A new year has arrived, bearing its usual conglomeration of rosy resolutions. My Facebook feed is abuzz with hopeful goals and noble intentions – public promises to act better, do better, be better. Good riddance, 2015, and hello to a fresh start! Excited to forget the past and look forward to the future! This year […]

The Naughty List


Wrapping paper and diapers. It turns out even a list of this microscopic stature can ignite a blog-worthy tale when combined with the right amount of toddler – especially when said toddler has caught wind of her second birthday two months too soon. What started as a bad decision (hindsight wins again) to delay naptime […]

To three or not to three? That is not the question.

Baby Hand

For as long as I’ve been a mother, I’ve always searched for three curly heads inspecting the cookie aisle at the grocery store, for three pairs of tiny feet running towards the swings on the playground, for three chattering mouths discussing whose turn it is to pick the song in my rearview mirror. First there […]