She’s breathing in the soft aroma of lavender, her body draped in impossibly smooth silk. A backdrop of serenity, of dancing candles and trickling fountains, surround her. The incense smells like clouds and the music like rain but she’s too focused on her breathing to notice. In, out. In, out. Sweet Jesus, glorious Namaste – […]



What I Want To Do Go on vacation. Sleep. Buy all the things. Mute my brain. Mute my kids. Win the lottery. Eat cake. Read. Write. Eat more cake.   What I Have To Do Wipe butts. Stay awake. Think. Grade papers. Feign interest. Laundry. Repeat myself. Make money. Save money. More laundry.

How Are You?


“So I decided … to walk around telling people the truth. No mask, no hiding, no pretending. That was going to be my thing. I was going to make people feel better about their insides by showing them mine. I’d found my thing: openness. I decided, based on firsthand experience, that is was more fun […]

A Moment of Silence


“Why isn’t she crying?” It was the first thing I asked when she was born, four terrified words shooting from my mouth like lead bullets. Exhaustion from seventeen hours of labor and an emergency C-section clouded my perception but the quiet, so cold and still, was as vivid as the spring lilacs blooming outside the […]

Mouths & Hearts


They huddle tightly together, five chapped frowns pursed against the burning cold. I try not to notice their tired faces and frail bodies, appeasing my discomfort with the flimsy assertion that dwelling benefits no one. They’re all in need of attention, for they’re entitled to at least that, but with five of them and only […]