Dear Molly, Your first birthday came and went in January – a transient shimmer that lit up an otherwise gray winter – and, like the rock star mama I am, I never wrote about it. Or rather, about you. The truth is that I’ve written about things like your second child status and your love […]

My Sister Story


My sister story begins with the darkest of emotions. Echoes of grief are all that’s left of what could’ve been and even now, thirty years later, their somber song lingers. I’ve never met her and yet, in so many ways, I know her better than I know myself. How can I not? She’s in my […]

Daily Essentials

Molly & Ellie

Yesterday I stayed home with a sick baby. Poor Miss Molly spent the day alternating between sleeping away her fever and clinging to every inch of her exhausted mama. She wanted nothing to do with her usual interests – books? nope … Shrek? forget it … food? psh, yeah right – except, of course, for […]