To three or not to three? That is not the question.

Baby Hand

For as long as I’ve been a mother, I’ve always searched for three curly heads inspecting the cookie aisle at the grocery store, for three pairs of tiny feet running towards the swings on the playground, for three chattering mouths discussing whose turn it is to pick the song in my rearview mirror. First there […]



She’s breathing in the soft aroma of lavender, her body draped in impossibly smooth silk. A backdrop of serenity, of dancing candles and trickling fountains, surround her. The incense smells like clouds and the music like rain but she’s too focused on her breathing to notice. In, out. In, out. Sweet Jesus, glorious Namaste – […]



I’ve written about change before – how I hate it, how it hates me. How I cringe at the thought of trading one routine for another. How the idea of relinquishing irretrievable days makes me feel claustrophobic and anxious, like I need more time, more space – more everything. Right now I’m clinging to summer’s […]