To three or not to three? That is not the question.

Baby Hand

For as long as I’ve been a mother, I’ve always searched for three curly heads inspecting the cookie aisle at the grocery store, for three pairs of tiny feet running towards the swings on the playground, for three chattering mouths discussing whose turn it is to pick the song in my rearview mirror. First there […]

A Moment of Silence


“Why isn’t she crying?” It was the first thing I asked when she was born, four terrified words shooting from my mouth like lead bullets. Exhaustion from seventeen hours of labor and an emergency C-section clouded my perception but the quiet, so cold and still, was as vivid as the spring lilacs blooming outside the […]

Glorified Excuse

Kid Book

To my dearest Molly, By the time you’re old enough to read this I will have already told you about one of my favorite short stories called “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. You know, the one about the fourteen-year-old boy who lives in a world where everything is fair for everyone because smart people […]