Inside Stories


Savannah makes up bedtime stories about frogs that fly and horses that take picnics. She delivers them with innocent gusto and occasionally adds the following disclaimer: “These are just stories inside me.” I remind her that those are the best stories, better than all the Berenstain Bear books combined. *   *   * An inside […]

On Not Sending My Child To Three-Year-Old Preschool


It’s partly because I didn’t call in time. I know, I know. A teacher letting her own child’s education fall by the wayside to focus on more, uh, important things? Absurd. Preposterous. Tsk to the mother freaking tsk. One would not expect such inexcusable oversight from yours truly, but one would be wrong. To be […]



He lands on the petal with near-perfect grace, inherently understanding its fragility. The stem wobbles slightly under his weight and then stills. His patterned body, framed by the brilliant yellow of his new perch, remains steady as he carries out the tedious and noble work of his days. Moments later, having successfully collected his treasure, […]