A Moment of Silence


“Why isn’t she crying?” It was the first thing I asked when she was born, four terrified words shooting from my mouth like lead bullets. Exhaustion from seventeen hours of labor and an emergency C-section clouded my perception but the quiet, so cold and still, was as vivid as the spring lilacs blooming outside the […]

Bunnies In a Box


It’s a cardboard box full of nine baby bunnies so tiny I can easily fit three in the palm of my hand. A heat lamp hovers nearby, trying to do what their mother no longer can. They’re lucky the student found them when she did – a high school soccer field is no place for […]

My Sister Story


My sister story begins with the darkest of emotions. Echoes of grief are all that’s left of what could’ve been and even now, thirty years later, their somber song lingers. I’ve never met her and yet, in so many ways, I know her better than I know myself. How can I not? She’s in my […]

Culinary Confession

Sneaky Veggies

I’m not a chef. I’m just a mother standing in front of her two-year-old asking her to eat something other than cheerios and cheese sticks – being met with a predictably decisive “no.” It’s a common game around here and I’m almost always the loser. Broccoli? No. Avocados? No. Green beans? No. Anything that’s not […]