Midwest Ocean


When the vinyl seats squeak under the weight of your wet feet. When the towels smell like a mid-July cocktail of sunscreen and bug spray. When the speakers pulse with Rascal Flatts and Jimmy Buffet and long-awaited playlists. When the cold shocks your back end as you hang off the boat to pee. When the […]

Summer Syllabus


It seems my unrealistic anticipation of three “workless” months has arrived right on schedule, bearing with it the usual plethora of lofty summer goals. So many things to accomplish! So much sunshiny time to accomplish them! Somebody fetch me my magical unicorn so I can get started! Fellow teachers, you know what I mean. June, […]



There’s one day every spring where the sun shines just bright enough and the temperature creeps just high enough to conjure the first real taste of summer, and yesterday was that day. Savannah and I spent it stocking up on petunias and spinach seeds and potting soil and our very first cactus plant, to which […]

The Wait


And then, suddenly, it was winter. Heavy and gray, a cloud of cold smoke. This time of year and I have a love/hate relationship. I love the snow. Something about how it forces people to retreat to their homes and spend time with their families makes me feel giddy and nostalgic. Maybe it’s a control […]