My nametags boast various titles. They are simple words scrawled on square stickers, bold letters floating in a sea of white. On some, the corners are curled – perfect coils showcasing years of wear. Others gleam with stark newness, blindingly untouched. I wear them like the medals they are – silent proof that I was […]



She’s breathing in the soft aroma of lavender, her body draped in impossibly smooth silk. A backdrop of serenity, of dancing candles and trickling fountains, surround her. The incense smells like clouds and the music like rain but she’s too focused on her breathing to notice. In, out. In, out. Sweet Jesus, glorious Namaste – […]



I’ve written about change before – how I hate it, how it hates me. How I cringe at the thought of trading one routine for another. How the idea of relinquishing irretrievable days makes me feel claustrophobic and anxious, like I need more time, more space – more everything. Right now I’m clinging to summer’s […]

Weekend Rewind

Mental Health Day

Friday night Geoff had a soccer game in Centerville so we dubbed it a Girls’ Night, complete with manicures and princess movies. Savannah tried to capitalize on the liberal bedtime by suggesting we read “all the books until the sun comes up.” What can I say? The girl knows my weaknesses. We had beautiful weather […]

The Big Green Monster


With nothing to do during these blistering Midwestern blizzards but alternate between social media and Netflix reruns, I’ve recently found myself wallowing in a pathetic sea of envy. My computer and television screens do nothing but taunt me with images of wonderful, magical things that belong to other people. It’s stupid, I know, to let […]