Summer Syllabus


It seems my unrealistic anticipation of three “workless” months has arrived right on schedule, bearing with it the usual plethora of lofty summer goals. So many things to accomplish! So much sunshiny time to accomplish them! Somebody fetch me my magical unicorn so I can get started! Fellow teachers, you know what I mean. June, […]

Work Friends


I’ve spent a lot of time at school in the past week – last Thursday and Friday I was there until 9:00 PM for superintendent interviews and Tuesday evening’s freshmen orientation didn’t get over until well past 8:00. I did my share of griping about the extra hours in the days preceding, but I have […]



Last week, on the third anniversary of this blog, one of my students caught me after class. Her bloodshot eyes misted as she told me, in hesitant, broken segments, of a course load she could no longer juggle, of a part-time job that was dominating her time and a home life that was heavy and […]

The Space Between


“I know what you’re thinking. How does some fictional kid swimming through an underwater tunnel apply to me? Why should I care?” Quiet mouths, slightly nodding heads. Yes. Why? Inside, papers shuffle. Outside, traffic hums. I stand somewhere in the middle, in the vulnerable space between books and reality. My job is to connect them, […]