Busy & Bored

Busy & Bored

It’s late, at least by my standards, and Anthony Bourdain is guiding us through the bustling streets of the Vietnam countryside. I’m on the couch, legs folded beneath a throw blanket and fingers wrapped around a mug of hot tea. Geoff’s sprawled out next to me, crossed feet perched comfortably atop the coffee table fashioned […]

Kids These Days

Kids These Days

I hear it often. The comments, the accusations. It’s hard to stay optimistic when you’re repeatedly bombarded with stories of cyber-bullying and school shootings and juvenile criminals. I get it. I do. I’ve rolled my eyes and scoffed in disgust just as much as the next guy. My throat has nosedived into my stomach on […]

Sun Out, Shades On


Recently I told a coworker that I have a blog. I don’t normally do this, as the thought of colleagues finding out about the wild, messy storm in my brain scares me. However, a few days ago I shared the news because the topic came up and because, as you know, I’m working on meshing […]


The Line

When I started teaching in 2010 there were two of me – professional Kara and personal Kara. My biggest fear back then was that the line between them would break in front of my students, that they would catch a glimpse of the flawed, vulnerable, not-so-teacherly Kara that existed after 4:00 PM. They would not, […]

Change, We Meet Again

Back To School

School starts in a week so yesterday I bought notebook paper and staplers. It was a victory, sending those pivotal items into the arms of the cashier and across the checkout scanner. Yes, it’s August and no, I haven’t stepped foot inside my classroom since May, but someone once told me that simply showing up […]