I’m A Writer … I Think?


When I was in second grade I wanted to be an astronaut because I was obsessed with Ms. Frizzle and The Magic School Bus series. Four years later in sixth grade I wanted to be a physical therapist because that’s what my best friend wanted to be. (Nevermind that I didn’t know what a physical […]

To Other Bloggers

To Other Bloggers

Blogging is a paradox. It’s a diary, only public. An attempt to stand out that inevitably results in fitting in. A removal from yourself that unavoidably connects you to others. An outstretched hand that, after countless hours of tap-tap-tapping on the keyboard, necessarily delves inward. It’s trying to find yourself through words only to discover […]

Sun Out, Shades On


Recently I told a coworker that I have a blog. I don’t normally do this, as the thought of colleagues finding out about the wild, messy storm in my brain scares me. However, a few days ago I shared the news because the topic came up and because, as you know, I’m working on meshing […]

Just A Day


Coral polish on nails bitten too short. Ingrid Michaelson on ears that aren’t okay. Reality television on eyes that see everything and nothing all at once. Attempts to climb outside of myself feel futile today. They are items on a checklist and I complete them without thought or emotion because I can’t lie in bed […]

Big Girls Do Cry

Barbed Wire

“I got a owie at Nama and Nampa’s house,” she says, pointing at her knee. A fresh scrape peeks out from behind a purple Dora band-aid. “Oh, I bet that hurt,” I reply. “Did you cry?” She frowns. Hesitates. “Only a little bit.” Oh, my heart. Four months ago Molly was born and I cried […]