Life: The Musical

Rock On, Little Ladies.

My mother used to haul around one of those gigantic RCA camcorders when we were kids. You know, the kind that had its own (suit)case, shoulder cushion, and area code. She captured some solid stuff with that monster – Levi chasing his first (and only) show cow down our gravel road, Cody sneaking handfuls of […]

The Perfect Poison

Dark Tunnel

I am not perfect. If my previous posts haven’t clarified that already, this one definitely will. In fact, I feel incredibly vulnerable even approaching the issue of postpartum anxiety. I had it after Savannah’s birth and (not surprisingly) I have it again. Fear, doubt, insomnia – the works. I’m not going to go into detail […]

Happy 2014

New Year

One year ago today I wrote my first journal entry in years. I did it without direction, knowing only that the new year was beginning and that I wanted, needed, 2013 to be different than 2012. This is what I wrote. Let me make one thing clear. 2012 was not a bad year; on May […]

Broken Together


Alas, the insomnia is back. I could blame the raging hormones, physical discomfort, and crippling anxiety that accompany the third trimester of pregnancy, but the fact remains that no matter what I blame, the sleepless nights are going nowhere. At least not for another nine weeks. I’ve struggled with on and off insomnia since Savannah’s […]

From: Me, To: You

Beautiful Scar

This week is National Infertility Week. I have never experienced the gut-wrenching pain that must accompany years of trying to conceive, but I have experienced wanting a baby, losing a baby, and resorting to medication in order to make my body do what every female body should do. Is built to do. Because if I […]