Checking In

Twenty-three weeks down. One more to viability.

The latest:

1 // I leave to start my (hopefully two month) in-patient stay at UI Hospitals & Clinics next Thursday. We have an ultrasound scheduled at 1:00 and will be admitted to labor and delivery immediately following. By the end of the day, I will have received one round of steroid shots to speed up babies’ lung development and the first of roughly 160 non-stress tests to check for heart decelerations and cord issues. My biggest concern right now is leaving Savannah and Molly, which is stupid because Geoff is and always has been the alpha parent so I’m certain they’ll have no problem surviving without me for a few months (which I know I’m not supposed to say because mothers are martyrs and all that sacrificial bullshit, but whatever, it’s true – judge if you must). Anyway, even with their frequent visits and hospital sleepovers, I’m going to miss them. Like, a lot. And that sucks.

2 // This should probably have been number one but I’m happy to report that both babies are still doing well! They are growing exponentially and kicking every square inch of my belly as I type this. Last week our doctor kept commenting on how active they were – a good sign, she said, that they were both getting what they needed through the twisted cords. (Speaking of cords, if you guys could see the terrifying mess they’re in you would understand just how closely God is listening to our prayers. Please, as always, keep them coming!)

3 // While we’ve loved these little ones from the start, it would be a lie to say we’ve spent the last five months anticipating their arrival. Mono-mono pregnancies are a fine balance between optimism and truth, and the truth is that we’ve been juggling 50/50 odds since February. Relatedly, we have done nothing – and I mean nothing – to prepare for the babies’ birth except move the toy room to the basement to make room for a nursery. So it was sort of a big deal when I pulled out the breast pump supplies for sanitizing last weekend, and an even bigger deal when I hopped on Etsy yesterday to order two teeny tiny monogrammed preemie hats (yes, they have names, which we can’t wait to share with you all!), and an even BIGGER deal when Geoff and I looked at each other over a heaping mound of unfolded laundry last night and realized in a simultaneous moment of terror that we might really be spending the next eighteen years raising four kids! Four. FOUR. Do they make manuals for this stuff?!

4 // Prepare yourself for an influx of these posts in the weeks ahead. From what I’ve gathered, in-patient stay is nothing if not boring and I can’t think of a better target for all that stifled energy than you guys (I jest … sort of).

My brain has never been so full as in the past few weeks. For someone who was born with nerves too close to the skin, being one week out from in-patient has made me downright electric. I am thinking all the thinks, feeling all the feels, and wishing for the millionth time in my life that I wasn’t so ridiculously sensitive (or as Glennon would say, so ridiculously prone to paying attention). At least once a day I find myself thinking, if not asking the nearest victim, “How the hell am I doing this?”

And then I remember – head down, arms back, full steam ahead, because the only way to glory is through the story.

We got this.

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    You’re making it through this because you were made for this moment. No matter what happens, you have this, and we all have you. :) No matter what. Prayers for you, lady. Prayers.

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