Someday, days or months or decades from now, the weight of this year will roll in like a quiet storm. It will inch its way up my throat and unleash a lifetime of terror and relief, of gratitude and growth. Someday, long after the last bottle is made and the last diaper is changed and […]

Pressing Pause

Despite how it may appear, I haven’t forgotten about this space. It’s always in the back of my mind – as I’m driving to Iowa City, as I’m grading papers, as I’m nodding off to the mind numbing swoosh-swoosh-swoosh of a breast pump. You should write, I tell myself, but then I make breakfast instead […]

26+4 | In-Patient Day 17

UI Hospital

Things are continuing to go well. Babies are doing great and we are slowly adjusting to our new normal. Geoff and the girls have been up for a sleepover twice now and I have to say I’m so proud of all three of them. Geoff is rocking the single parenting gig with a little help […]

24+4 | In-Patient Day 3


This is everything and nothing I imagined it would be. Mostly relieving, knowing I’m exactly where I need to be should something go wrong, but also wildly disorienting in ways I have yet to process. So far in-patient has been a chorus of sounds – beeps, dings, thumps, knocks, padded feet outside my door. I […]

Checking In

Twenty-three weeks down. One more to viability. The latest: 1 // I leave to start my (hopefully two month) in-patient stay at UI Hospitals & Clinics next Thursday. We have an ultrasound scheduled at 1:00 and will be admitted to labor and delivery immediately following. By the end of the day, I will have received […]